About us

Welcome to Faculty of Paramedical Science

NCVERI Faculty of Paramedical Sciences & Health Education is to be a ‘Centre for knowledge generation, dissemination and transfer in the frontier areas, which derives impetus from various disciplines of sciences, Health & Paramedical Education and generates globally relevant human resource and knowledge which addresses the future issues/needs of society’. The vision is to make this institute ‘Learners Paradise’ FPSHE institute students are adequately geared up to acquire genius in both academics and co-curricular activities. The teaching fraternity is completely dedicated to the causes of learning and acts as a torch bearer to the ‘educants’. Experts from various fields are also frequently invited to deliver lecturers seminars and training programmes are regularly organized. The aim is to ‘educate’ the individuals in the true sense of the term, making them steadfast and responsible citizens of our reversed motherland. The difference is the unique character and rich culture of Faculty of Paramedical Sciences.

Why Choose Us?

There are thousands of students who wish to get into their preferred paramedical college but fails due to many reasons. Considering the fact that selection of an institute plays the most crucial role in success in the career, it is always beneficial and required to find an alternative that allows you to break your limitations and select your desired course and institute. Paramedical e-learning courses are such alternatives which keeps you from many restrictions.

Our Mission

  • To impart outcome based holistic education
  • To disseminate education in frontier areas
  • To produce globally competitive; ethical and socially responsible human resources.
  • To produce human resources sensitive to issues of Environment and Sustainable Development.

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.